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Lurgan rapper Jack Bashful releases new EP 'Dredd'

Lurgan rapper Jack Bashful releases new EP 'Dredd'.

Taking a detour from last year's sludgy 'Mudflat', Jack Bashful returns with a short EP to remind the Northern Irish hip-hop scene of his rapping chops. While previous releases have been largely influenced by hip-hop's golden era, Bashful turns the tempo up with this EP and takes inspiration from grime and trap artists such as JME and producer Southside. While 2024 brings promise of further projects, 'Dredd' shows that Bashful is finishing 2023 on a high note.

Jack Bashful is one of the most proficient rappers in Northern Ireland, he’s been honing his craft since he was fifteen. His Lurgan roots bleed through his music with frequent Buckfast wine references and his accent at the fore. Bashful has the respect of his peers in the scene too, with features on tracks with Leo Miyagee and DAZ. His work has received plaudits from Chordblossom, Hot Press, Slight Motif and Dig With It. Not afraid to experiment either, Bashful has tried his hand at production, making a French inspired beat tape which led to him making beats for other acts in the scene like Don Chi and Jay Suttin.

Listen to 'Dredd' right now on all streaming platforms!

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