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Locally + Unanimously proclaimed Best DJ in Ireland, Jesse picks his top Irish tracks on SlimoWeekly

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

It’s been a minute since we made an update on our weekly Spotify playlist,

But we’ve left this return in good hands. Jesse Ogbomor: DJ Jesse has been making waves in the event space for a while now. From videography to DJing and even the occasional appearance on a few podcast shows, Jesse has done a good job in showcasing his many talents. The self employed creative has been busy and ensured to make himself present over the years constantly refining and improving on his craft. Today we have asked him to handpick his favourite Irish joints for this fresh SlimoWeekly update. Luckily he had just the perfect playlist ready for this!

“They are there because they make me feel some type of way, So I work off energy, just from hearing these songs, they all give me a different type of energy”

Jesse discusses the songs on this playlist. This week, we are starting off with brand new Gliders; “Delirious” by Travis and Elzz who just released a joint EP. The boys haven’t strayed far at all with this one and continue to deliver the necessary heat to keep anyone up on their feet. As much as we have current bangers on this playlist, such as Red Cup and Toronto Rappers, with the A92 collective, We also have sweet throwbacks from Soulé and Jafaris; Love Tonight and Found My Feet both were and will always be a crowd favourite. Early by Joy Crookes, Dublin by Sello and Good time by Plantain Papi keep appearing on the playlist and to no surprise, they have also been handpicked by Jesse for this update.

The subject of crowd favourite, the ongoing question on DJs playing Irish tracks was put forward to Jesse. He agreed to playing Irish tracks earlier in the night and said he would always do so.

“I believe everyone has a part to play in it, I don’t speak for other DJs, but my job is to play what would get the crowd lit. People here would acknowledge a good irish song but not necessarily get lit to it the way they would when Last Last comes on”

Jesse explains. In comparison to the UK, which we always end up comparing ourselves to, Ireland doesn’t seem to be as supportive for homegrown music yet.

As for Jesse’s next moves, more shows seems to be the answer plus a venture into music production. He has played at Longitude and will be at Electric picnic this year. “I’m doing the song I’m releasing all myself, I might get some Irish artists to feature on it but I’m doing it all myself” Stay up to date with Jesse via social platforms; IG: jesse_044. Music from Evans, Sello, UNQ, Alicia Raye and more also feature on the Slimoweekly so ensure to check it out using the link provided!

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