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Lil Beppo breaks top ten Irish homegrown charts with anthem 'Canada Goose'


Lil Beppo, the trailblazing 19-year-old rapper, is making waves in the Irish music scene with his groundbreaking fusion of drill and hip-pop. His music seamlessly incorporates elements of "Irishness," resonating deeply with Irish audiences while simultaneously showcasing Ireland's culture to the world.

Lil Beppo's latest release, "Canada Goose," is more than just a song; it's a cultural bridge. Upon its debut, the track sparked both controversy and critical acclaim from music industry insiders. Most notably, it struck a chord with young audiences, securing an impressive #8 spot on the homegrown charts—an extraordinary achievement for an experimental underground track.

As a young artist navigating the complex terrain of Irish music, Lil Beppo keenly observes a generational disconnect and aims to bridge the gap. He believes that misconceptions persist on both sides and that his music serves as a voice for the youth of Ireland, and indeed, global youth. His message is clear: times have evolved, and young people are driving art, culture, and progress. Lil Beppo challenges the notion that different or minimalist qualities equate to "bad," drawing parallels with Apple's minimalist design philosophy that set industry standards.

Lil Beppo's creative process is a testament to his fearlessness. His music transcends traditional boundaries, offering an energetic and emotional experience that delves into the lives of young people in Ireland. When he recorded the first take of "Canada Goose" in the studio, his producer, engineer, and friends reacted with laughter and bewilderment. They questioned his vision, but Lil Beppo remained unwavering, declaring it something special—a statement.

In an unexpected twist, Lil Beppo draws inspiration from pop sensation Lady Gaga, adding a unique layer to his artistic influences. The result is a harmonious blend of underground rap infused with the local Irish sound and the vibe of local drill music.

Lil Beppo's bold image is as distinctive as his music. With striking red and blue hair, he defies conventional norms of appearance in the music industry. He champions diversity and individuality, embodying the message that it's perfectly fine to be different. The distorted, un-mastered DIY quality of his music attracts younger listeners fatigued by the mainstream's ubiquity.

Furthermore, Lil Beppo has cultivated collaborations with industry giants like PacmanTV, a major player in contemporary drill and rap music media in the UK, boasting a YouTube channel with over 400k subscribers. His association with PacmanTV has opened doors to collaborations with prominent UK acts like Dave, Potter Payper, and E1.

Lil Beppo's journey is a testament to the power of innovation and authenticity in music. With his distinctive sound, unapologetic image, and commitment to bridging generational gaps, he is poised to reshape the Irish music scene and captivate global audiences. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to break boundaries and make waves in the world of music.


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