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"Laundry" a short film by UD out now

About a month later, following the release of his Debut EP, UD releases a short film to accompany a single off the album "Laundry"

Laundry, is a 3 min track about cutting off and cleaning out bad energy or bad ties metaphorically described as "airing out laundry" The content in this 7 minute visual contains no actual laundry "being aired out" in sight but rather UD posed as a postman handing out letters awkwardly from door to door containing bits of his lyrics either in the letter or where the address is supposed to be. The short film, by Adam Kelleher is composed of short skits and a lot of uncomfortable letters littered on the floor. Watch now in the link above. Fruitless Grapevine out now and we've been loving the EP and content coming out so far. Listen below;

We caught up with UD and other members of the FaR collective earlier this year to talk Motifs and Dead Motifs. Watch below. Issue No.8 out soon

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