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Slight Motif presents: Lady Of The Month

With black history month coming to an end and with all the stunts the month has had to offer, it is only right to discuss who is fit to be honored for their help and commitment to improving the black community here in Ireland. After a lot of researching and serious pondering, no better person comes to mind other than the ultra right wing, not very yielding, completely driven, fact finding genius that is, this amazing woman.

Now I'm sure she’s reading this and thinking “why me? Why me out of everyone who resides in Ireland? I’m trying to kick you lot and all other “non-Irish” Irish people (whatever that might mean) out of this country and here you are honoring me above everyone in Ireland. What could I ever have done that would deserve such an honor?”.

To our readers, before you go ahead jumping to conclusions or even deciding to close this up, allow me some time to use this post to explain exactly why she is the perfect candidate.

You see, I myself have tried on numerous occasions to figure out a way to bridge the gap and quench the tension that has continued to fester due to an improper building block for all the different little communities within the entire black caucus. As you can probably guess, I haven't been doing a great job at it so far and should have sought the help, the leadership, and the brilliance of the esteemed recipient. She has proven herself to be a true patriot who is fearless in the face of adversity and has never been scared of ever going against the status quo, putting her face and beliefs in the face of everyone within reach and making sure she gets her opinion across no matter what.

What really did it for most people was a video she posted on her Twitter account during her campaign for the Irish elections 2020. It is not the video itself or her intentions that I applaud and have come to so greatly admire but it is the actual effect it has had on us as a community. What still really amazes me about the whole thing is how she used this one post to find a way to completely eradicate this tension and unify every member of the community to one cause which was simply to ensure that a woman who seemed intent on hurting and has no problem showing “racist tendencies” was never put into a position of power. Genius!

One would think that post would be the height of it all for the candidate with the infamous Twitter fingers, but no, she persisted and continued to do her best to belittle every member of society who she didn’t consider “Irish enough” but still failing completely in her quest in being elected into office. Her campaign group even got chased out of Balbriggan by the very people she was trying to appeal to or help in her case. I relate to this on a personal level. I find myself having to work harder than most due to my name, place of origin and colour of my skin. I can empathize with the struggle of really trying to get your voice heard in that sense. I could even go as far as to say she somewhat understands what it feels like to be a minority and work harder than everybody else and still get nowhere with your dreams and aspirations.

I was impressed to see a post from her promoting the Drill scene. It is already a controversial genre. The influence of Drill on the youth and the community is always a round table discussion and people, especially like her, would strongly believe that it is the main reason for violence in the community. In this post, she points out how the number one trending thing on Balbriggan’s twitter feed was by an upcoming black Irish music group and seems to hint through sarcasm that this was bad for the country in terms of tourist attraction. But again, she finds a way to bring positive light to the scene and now this video has now been seen by a lot more people than it was originally intended for. Also, the track slaps!

Politics and the music scene is just not enough for her, she has also proven herself to be quite the business guru. A few weeks ago, she shared her thoughts regarding a Chinese accessories business that opened up recently to her various viewers. Again opening up this start up to a possibly racist market that would want their phones fixed, need new gadgets or just for them to know about for future purposes. How very thoughtful of her. Knowing the first case of Corona virus has just been announced in Ireland, I cannot wait to read her rant... sorry, thoughts on the subject matter. But I am no expert myself, so I wait in hope that our infamous recipient will be able to shed some positive light as she always does on this very worrying development.

She sure is a good sport too, she really knows how to take a loss. We think we can all learn a thing or two from her. A perfect example of how beautifully she portrays this skill is in a post once again taking aim at the black community using a video of a black man carrying a boom-box surrounded by other black men just dancing and being their best unapologetic selves and trying to take a jab at Sinn Fein in the process. Not only does she again show her commitment to the diversity here in Ireland, she shows she is ready to do the extra work to show just how interracial our community is.

Unfortunately, as amazing as our recipient is, sadly no one is perfect. She does miss the mark at times. Like times where she’s used videos of situations that have happened in the UK and tried to paint them off as having happened in Ireland. I believe the term for this in a school environment is plagiarism? But hey, no one is perfect. I truly believe she doesn’t realize how helpful and impactful she’s been in promoting and improving the black community and all other ethnicities within Ireland. I am thankful and grateful for everything she’s done thus far, she’s been exactly for me what I never ever want to be. So without further ado (*Drumroll please*), your hero of the month is none other than the infamous, Gemma O’Doherty.

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