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JYellowL releases debut album '2020 D|Vision'

JYellowL releases his debut album 2020 D|Vision today, 20th Nov 2020 via JYellowL Record Ltd, produced by Chris Kabs.

He celebrated the release of his debut album with a live performance in Swords Castle last night, in association with TEG | MJR Eire. The event was fully streamed on Hot Press YouTube channel on Thursday, at 8PM. '2020 D|Vision’ , check it out here

A leading voice emerging out of the fierce juggernaut that is Ireland's rap scene, this debut follows two groundbreaking EP's and a string of headline performances, both in Ireland and internationally. His standout track 'Ozone' has surpassed 1.5 million views on Spotify and the single 'Oh Lawd', featured on the soundtrack of the 'Normal People' TV series, has already surpassed 1 million views. A self-driven artist and entrepreneur, his newly established JYellowL Records Ltd quickly landed a distribution deal with the international distribution company IDOL.

The lyricism JYellowL delivers cuts to the heart of issues that are at once deeply personal and urgent on a global scale, driving political change right now. With a degree in politics from UCD University in Dublin, he explores the social problems that both intrigue and disturb him, from international conflict to economic inequality, unafraid to tackle subjects like racism in his music early on. In 2020, as protests erupted across the world, he spoke to a crowd of thousands at a Black Lives Matter in Dublin, envisioning a future Ireland that is radically inclusive and anti-racist.

Commenting on the album release JYellowL explains:

“You know when you have money that’s burning a hole in your pocket? That’s how I’ve felt about this album in my music library. I can’t wait for it to be released to the world so I hope you’ll pre-order/buy it so we can hit the charts! This album was written throughout 2018/19. The first song we officially recorded was on the 19th of December 2018. Guess the song?”

The tracklist for 2020 D|Vision below:

1. 2020

2. call it what you want

3. jewels

4. doesn't feel like

5. home

6. hypocrite

7. change

8. Neighbourhood Nip (interlude)

9. got me

10. Say! (interlude)

11. Mademoiselle

12. Pat

Check out 2020 D|Vision now!

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