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Jeorge II: Dublin's Cut-Throat Lyricist, and Luke Flynn: The Surprising Galway Producer, Join Forces

Dublin's rap scene has just gotten hotter as Jeorge II and Luke Flynn are proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Irish music scene. Jeorge II, known for his captivating and lyrically gifted rap style, and Luke Flynn, the skilled and versatile producer, have teamed up to create a project that pushes boundaries and challenges expectations.

"Burning In The Bliss" is a six-track EP based on the concept of understanding, surviving, and chasing. It speaks about life's low points and how one can use their shortcomings as fuel to climb up the mountain to success. The EP is a reflection of the struggles and triumphs of the human experience whilst artistic direction is inspired by a popular meme that every 20-something can relate to at some point in their lives: "Everything's on fire. Keep. Moving. Forward."

The EP opens with an urgent statement from Jeorge about how he feels he is on the brink of reaching the finish line or collapsing en route. "Missed Calls" is a reminiscent tune about missed opportunities, but it also showcases optimism for the future and belief in his abilities. "Headshot" delves into the downside of his urgency and ambition, as it played out in his relationships, causing him to neglect or overlook them.

"Love" is an introspective song that touches on where he came from and how that led to him treating the subject of love in a brash way. "Pay2Play" showcases his willingness to do whatever it takes to get to where he needs to go. Finally, "A.T.G" takes a step back and observes the pitfalls while learning that in the music business, not all is as it seems.

The creative process behind the EP was challenging but rewarding. The team drew inspiration from Isaiah Rashad's latest album but expanded the idea of burning in the form of surviving and understanding life's low points. Production-wise, Luke varied wildly from his known sound, experimenting with different kinds of beats but also giving that killer drill sound when necessary.

Overall, "Burning In The Bliss" is a powerful EP that showcases Jeorge's captivating lyrical abilities and Luke's skilled production. This EP is not to be missed for fans of Irish rap or anyone looking for a powerful and unique listening experience

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