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Jeorge II drops new single 'Egomaniac Flow'

After a successful period of collab tracks, Jeorge II releases his second single of the year, 'Egomaniac Flow' today.

Jeorge wrote Egomaniac Flow after realizing his voice is acknowledged in the Irish music scene. He had a quick rise in his career, having played Electric Picnic within his first year. This made Jeorge reflect on his journey, people he’s crossed paths with, betrayals and watching some close friends falling in to a life of drugs and crime. Jeorge became aware that he could use his lyrics to influence people and maybe even help people:

"I might just speak for some ** who can't speak for themselves, issues with my mental wealth"

Dublin based Trap/Hip Hop artist, Jeorge II (Jeorge the Second) is no stranger to the Irish music scene. Jeorge has proven to be one to watch since his debut release in October 2018, he has played Electric Picnic and participated in Hot Press’ Y&E lockdown sessions in conjunction with Culture Heritage Gaeltacht to name a few highlights. Jeorge delivers cut-throat flows and blistering lyrics while always wearing his heart on his sleeve. He brings unique energy and character to his music due to influences from artist such as Kanye West and SAINt JHN. Having made a statement as resident MC for the Academy, Dublin and co-founder/curator for Irish collective Rejektz, Jeorge has been recognized as a 'Top 5 Upcoming Artist'. He has also featured in Fig’s 'Colouring Book' series and is set to be part of Gavin Lowndes book 'The Scene'.

Jeorge II gives in to his ego on this track by claiming the top spot in the Irish scene, he said:

“If they won’t give you the credit you deserve then take it”

This is shown through the instrumental transition in the second verse - the beat and Jeorge’s flow become lighter indicating a carefree attitude. This mindset is reinforced in the final verse from fellow Rejekzt co-founder and Irish artist EeDdAaYy.

Check out Egomaniac Flow, new track by Jeorge II below:

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