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Jay Ronic Drops a 'Movie' for New Single 3am

Jay Ronic dropped '3am' on March 19th.

Originally, from Congo RDC, Jay Ronic, also known as 'The Fresh Prince of Cork' is an all-round entertainer, rapper and

personality. In 2018, Ronic began to dabble in music with his remix of Mr Eazi’s track, Leg Over. He then became serious with music in 2019, releasing his debut EP, 'The Fresh Prince of Cork'. While being a very versatile artist, Ronic has shown his capabilities across multiple genres including; Trap, Drill and Afroswing. He has a unique approach to his

projects, leading everything to be a fresh, new idea.

On this track we hear Jay Ronic channelling his inner Pop Smoke and touching on Congolese language, Lingala, through ad libs. But the main focus of this track is the movie themed music video that premiered on track release day.

The opening scene depicts police informative ‘Tobie’ on the phone being thanked for providing evidence and told ‘Operation 3am’ is underway, meaning there is a warrant out for Jay Ronic’s arrest. Cleverly shot and edited by Rejjie Albert, the 3am video shows us the story of Ronic being arrested, questioned and then later his “gang” assisting in him being freed from a

Garda van while in transit. The idea for this came to Ronic in his sleep, he subconsciously told himself to wake up and


You can watch the music video for '3am' below:

He later had to reconstruct the song twice so it would make sense musically. Ronic laughs:

“My Mam ran into my room thinking I was getting attacked because of all the gun adlibs”.

Throughout the track, Ronic gives nod to fellow DBN artist, Dubzeno who was locked up at the time, stating “Free Him”. The song features multiple play on words and emits the right type of ‘hype’ people would need if they were still partying

at 3am.

Listen to '3am' by Jay Ronic below:

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