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Irish Neo-Soul artist Papa Rua releases debut album '103'

Irish Neo-Soul artist Papa Rua has just released his new single ‘Wet Street’ and EP ‘103’, today across all music platforms.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Papa Rua draws influences from Jamiroquai, Jack Johnson, Charlie Puth, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. Not fitting into any one specific genre, the artist fuses Pop sensibilities with the smoothness of RnB Soul and NuFolk creating a sonic hybrid that appeals to the repeat button on the new music out this summer.

Papa Rua, also a multi-instrumentalist, is a largely solo affair, featuring a handful of musical collaborators on his new music. Exploring themes ranging from toxic masculinity, friendship, allyship, loneliness, burnout and hope in a vulnerable open fashion.

Listen to '103' by Papa Rua below:

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