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Introducing OLLYSTV, Ireland’s leading Entertainment platform

Introducing Ollystv an Irish music entertainment platform dedicated to showcasing new up and coming artist & inspire the creatively inclined. Founded by Omotolani Olawale Gazal best known as Olywalle, Ollystv started in September 2019. Just like all the other entertainment channels on Youtube, Ollystv is started providing a variety of videos but what set them apart from the rest was their relatable content. Providing views with not only just groundbreaking music videos from around the globe but also engaging Interviews, News and entertainment.

The recently launched platform is on it’s way to a bright future with exceptional growth in the form of likes and followers and subscribes by each passing day. Ollywalle shared “The platform was highly doubted of its worth at first and not many people supported it because I was just starting out my platform for artists but as a person, I love to prove people wrong. From not being able to get 500 subscribers I did it and also when many would say I couldn't even get over 500 views I even got 1000 when others said I wouldn't get 10 k then I got 50k and it keeps on going and my subscribers on the platform keep on growing. Now I'm on my road to 5 thousand subscribers and it'll be another one proved to my fellow people who have doubted me. A friend of mine said that that's the same mindset KSI has and with that type of mindset I'll be successful and it is already showing. For now, I'm building this platform to promote music for entertainment purposes and also to give the artists the recognition they need.”

Ollystv is an outstanding music online platform readily available for the interested artists belonging from Ireland, England, America & Nigeria.

The channel aims to become the biggest music platform in Ireland alongside being able to give artists the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Connect with OllyTV via:

Twitter -@OllysTV_

Instagram - @Ollystv_

Website -

Spotify - OllysTV

Youtube -OllysTV

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