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Introducing DEAFINITE Irelands Newest Music Video Platform

Introducing DEAFINITE Ireland’s newest Youtube channel dedicated to showcasing the brightest talent Irelands has to offer alongside pushing the quality of music-related content in Ireland. Taking elements from Lyrical lemonades business module founder Deaf Dave ( David McGowan) has created what is going to be the pinnacle of Irish content. Dave commented “I don’t want Irish talent to go unnoticed. I want to bridge the gap between Ireland and the rest of the world so they can see what we are really about. This is important because it will highlight our talent pool and encourage collaboration”. He aims to provide entertaining music videos with his own ‘Deaf Dave’ wow factors to capture the attention of all viewers and anticipate every release. His plan is to release one impactful music video every month until reaching the end goal of bridging the gap between Ireland and the rest of the world.


David McGowan is a Galway based Videographer and content creator. He developed an interest in filmmaking from the ripe age of 12 with huge aspirations and desires to be a Youtuber. He started off making short comedy skits (meme’s as we know them now). Later transitioning his channel into a gamers only zone, vlogging daily until he reached a milestone of 10k subscribers. By the time he was 16 years of age his focus shifted from gaming and into actual film making, he started writing scripts and making short films. His talent for film making wasn’t going unnoticed, at 16 he won a short film competition awarded by Jim Sheridan which granted him and his team a 5-day all-expense-paid trip to New York. David continued on his film making path but at age 18 (Rebellious phase) his attention diverted from film making as he started hanging around a different crowd who were heavily influenced by the Underground and Hip-Hop scene. He quit filmmaking altogether and began making raw and gritty A$AP Rocky type music videos for his peers until later that summer when he got his first booking from his work being seen on social media. After completing his first music video, David was hospitalised and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was Hospitalised for 3 months. David shared “All i thought about was making music videos “. When he was released from the hospital he returned to making music videos, getting better each release.

The first music video launching on this channel from Ryan Treacy known professionally as LG4 Trey. An Irish artist from Cork, Ireland. His music is an invigorating blend of 2000's alternative rock and modern hip-hop. The rappers’ main influences include bands and artists such as Green Day, Sum 41, Linkin Park, The Gorillaz, Lil Peep and many more. With his fanbase growing steadily across Ireland LG4 Trey’s reach continues to spread to the UK as well as the United States and Central Europe. 
 With early exposure to a wide variety of music at home ranging from Paulo Nutini to ACDC, the artist’s appreciation for different genres is one of the main inspirations behind his songs today. Ryan stumbled upon rap music at the age of seven when he found an old iPod in his grandparent's house. He explains the occasion as the first major impact in his growing passion for hip-hop, “It introduced me to a whole side of music that I never knew existed” the artist says. From 50 cent to D12 and Missy Elliott, his love for rap as a genre started very early on. 
 With his grandfather working the festival sites, he grew up closely watching other artists perform and engage with their fans live. This made the rapper desire to entertain the crowd rather than be a regular spectator and motivated him to pursue that later on.

After recording with different studios such as Diffusion Lab & The Kabin Studios, the young rapper is about to release his latest music video for “Backseat” produced by GMCBeats and directed by @_deafdave_ on the 9th of October. LG4 Trey shared “The song just discusses how most of my relationships have gone, it’s all lust at the start but then I eventually end up pushing them away because of my own issues. All put into a song that sounds light-hearted to lighten the mood. Heavy inspo from don Toliver and the Weeknd for the vocals”.

Youtube Channel:


LG4 TREY: @lg4trey

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