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In The Spirit Of Getting Back To Business; SlimoWeekly Now Updated With New Cover.

Black lives matter now, mattered in the past and will always matter moving onwards. We were stoked to see the turn out from last weeks march and are proud to see so many people standing in solidarity.

To everyone, of every race, that took part in the protest or merely showed their engagement or disgust via social media; Thank you for making this nationwide and educating yourselves among others on the trials and tribulations of minorities in the country. The work is yet to be done. Stay posted on our socials to stay up to date with anything worth keeping an eye on or getting involved in.

Due to our inactiveness the past week, a lot of music had been released that slipped under our radar, The Slimoweekly has now been updated with alot of brand new music from Evans Jnr, Jyellowl, KEDO, BoyW1DR of the FaR Collective, Reggie B, Adaeze & Alicia Raye. Music that fits that mood of the past week by Chris Kabs, Denise Chaila and more. Old music that we got introduced to recently and bumped so hard we had to have it on list by Bitter Roc and Mango. Share, like, listen, follow and please stay safe y'all!

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