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Highly Anticipated Album "I Once Was" From AMA Out Now!

Ama is a Nigerian born, Irish raised Hip Hop artist from Longford Town.  He is an up and coming Independent artist who released his first EP “Just A Moment” back in 2017. Ama has been working diligently over the past number of years on developing his art in creating a new sound in R&B/Pop/Hip Hop. This year alone he’s worked with a host of familiar faces such as Evans Junior, KAE and Andre Fazaz gaining popularity and a reputation in the Irish music scene as being an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter and rapper.

The 9 track album is packed with a fusion of R&B/Trapsoul and alternative Hip Hop. Highlighting the extreme personality changes as well as emotional rollercoaster of Ama as a person and artist.

The album acts as a therapeutic medium for Ama to let out his fears, anger, sadness and regrets so he can move onto the next stages of his life and career.

Relatable lyrics, catchy hooks, strong singing ability and cultural background has allowed AMA to diversify his sound to create an aesthetically pleasing, commercial RnB/Pop sounds and hard hitting trap bangers which is reflected in I Once Was. Working with the likes of Dylan Graham, BJNMN, CYGN and Slight Motif favourite Simba Bianchi the album has a new, refreshing and rarely explored sound in the Irish music scene.

Check out the album below via Souletiquette Records.

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