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"Handle with Care" an EP by Fortune Igiebor receives an 8/10

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

2023 had us with a few releases from familiar names and a few up-comers in the country. An EP, album, or mixtape is not only a compilation of songs but also the truest form of expression for an artist. The rapper or singer in question can tell the listener what they are about and what they bring to the table. The fact that a good number of the best in the country released tapes this year is a truly special moment. With the year coming to a close, we have decided to do a quick review of some of our highly anticipated releases.


You may have “heard about him from qway” or you might have discovered him after our 3 part Cypher “The Line Up 2023”. Regardless of when you have been tapped in, Fortune Igiebor has had a tremendous year and this is the time to be glued in. Coming off two sold out shows, a few releases, featured performances, we are now witnessing a new rage in the form of an EP; Handle with Care.


Offica Hokage
Handle With Care An EP by Fortune Igiebor

The 5 track EP produced by Kwangz and Fortune is refreshing sonically. It blends garage, funk and Yeezus/DeathGrips into a purposefully raging body of work. Concept, theme and delivery on each track was 10/10. The intro "Heard About Me" sets the tone introducing the African/Irish residing in Ireland. Fortune powers through indiviuality, finding himself and at the same time, stunts on the scene with the chanting hook "I know you've heard about me from qway!"

The features on each track join Fortune on his journey, whilst complimenting the ragers spirit. Dublin Reign with Danzi is an ode to living in the county. We are not certain on the origin of the sample that roams through the instrumental but when we actually chat to Fortune about the tape (which will be soon ), we can have a more detailed outlook on things; Regardless, this sample of a lady singing in a foreign langauge to add to the production is somewhat out of body. It feels like it is set in a post-apocalyptic world with an army of people trying to keep it together; perfectly describes Dublin amirite?

A favourite from the tape for sure.

Walk Without My Old Ca!n ft Jafaris is a perfectly thought out track. Energy and production are as heavy, mosh-tempting and addictive as ever. This came out as one of the singles on the tape reaching top of the music charts in a day and 10k streams under first week of release.

LEECHERS is another favourite. The song could be one that hits every time, if not better after every listen. Fortune and Kid Kuba bounce off themselves (pause) in a 3 minute song with about 3 beat changes. Another instant moshpit essential

Closing off with Burnt Lungs is slightly a downer solely on the fact that it is the last song on the tape. This song is also perfect but different from the initial 4. Burnt Lungs is a moodswing in itself. As the song title would entail, the theme Fortune has on this one with singer songwriter Eluna, is "addiction"

Handle with care gets a strong 8 to light 8.5 from us. Could've been a 10 with a few more tracks though who knows. What do you guys think? Have you heard the tape?

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