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Gifto talks about being black & Irish and mental health in new single 'Celtics'

Following an intense year full of lockdown restrictions, lack of freedom and social interactions, spirits are at an all time low for the general public. Arriving with an anthem of hope is up and coming Navan native Gifto with his new single ‘Celtics’ an uplifting and uptempo record. The 3 minute 34 second single touches on surviving lockdown and battling mental health and the pride of being Black and Irish.

Produced by Gibbo, a London based platinum producer who has earned credits on projects for Logic, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Tecca, NBA Youngboy and Iann Dior. The collaboration came to life when ‘Gifto’ discovered Gibbo via Youtube. One of Gibbo’s beats grabbed Gifto’s attention as he put pen to paper birthing the hook. “I happened to have the ‘Celtics’ on my mind when writing it and everything just flowed from there. I expressed myself and what I was going through at the time I wrote the song” Gifto explained. “I wanted to share my experiences, I believe that music is relatable, when you hear someone go through the same thing as you, instantly there is a connection or bond created. was raised by a single parent (mum) who has supported my journey in life. I do this for kids who grew up like me to inspire them and show them that they can do it too. I am just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story to tell through my music and the story is only getting started”.

Born in South Africa and raised in Ireland, Gifto had a tough start to life. Growing up without a father in a Navan council estate housing where he witnessed a tough life, having to observe the struggles of society dealing with loneliness, suicidal ideation and depression. Gifto decided that was destined for more and started to get involved in activities around him in the community. Influenced by watching 6lack on tour in Dublin, Gifto decided music was what he wanted to pursue in life and with that came purpose. Gifto started making music and developing his craft, which aided him in his battle with mental health.

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