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Get To Know Branded Royal, Dublin's Newest Streetwear Brand

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

When it comes to the conception of a new clothing brand, there are plenty of key things to consider when attempting to make an imprint stand out from the crowd. Dublin-based designer and entrepreneur Faroq Balogun formed his brand after graduating from university with a degree in graphic design. His vision was to deliver streetwear-inspired aesthetics with a specific problem-solving purpose at its core. Inspired by fine art, streetwear culture and his African heritage Branded Royal was born. Established in 2019, Branded Royal values focus on being a sustainably conscious and socially conscious fashion & lifestyle brand. Highlighting and platforming everyday modern royals and pushing forward with its mission to bring meaningful sustainability into the apparel industry. The expansive offering ranges of premium unisex seasonal collections from oversized tracksuits, sweatshirts and t-shirts to accessories all designed and produced in Ireland.

Committed to empowering the people Faroq Balogun developed a blog section on his website titled Modern-day Royal Blog “MDR” to spotlight upcoming Artists, Entrepreneurs, Activists and Entertainers. The platform's key incentive is for individuals to express their challenges and breakthrough stories to wider society and the Branded Royal family. Trailblazers like Selló, Jafaris, Tebi Rexi, Tunde Escho (Jungle Beam Studio owner) and WYHA podcast shared their day-to-day, ambitions and story on their road to success. In support of their community Branded Royal sponsored the first Black and Irish Gala awards an inaugural award recognising black and mixed-race communities in Ireland. Growing into a household name Branded Royal established a long-lasting retail relationship with global fashion giants Urban Outfitters. Bringing the brand's Fall/Winter 2021 Collection to the frontline of retail in selected stores. With a new Spring / Summer collection manufactured for the purpose of filling the gap for the brand as affordable products for customers who have missed out on the special collection or customers due to pricing. The Essentials Collection on sale right now contains 3 colourway product range available in unisex sizing.

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