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FYNCH returns with hopeful new single 'Soon'

Burner Records co-founder FYNCH returns with a brand-new single, 'Soon', enlisting the help of Poxy Records founder Willhouse on production.

FYNCH is a 24 year-old rapper hailing from Drimnagh, in South Dublin. He is one of the founding members of collective and label Burner Records. He is noted for his laidback flows containing trademark Dublin wit and prose, with his debut EP 'Bookies Pens & Loose Ends' being well-received on release in October 2019.

Soon’ is a hopeful track, although entrenched in the current COVID-19 pandemic. It finds FYNCH in a reflective mood, talking through spending days in his room and waiting for the promised day when pubs reopen, people can get in amongst each other and when we can dance once more.

FYNCH says:

"I think everyone has been reflecting on our current situation, and considering we’re a year into a pandemic, I felt this is the right track to bring out, almost as if it’s an anniversary, I was cognisant of making a song that would just echo the doom and gloom of the world around us. I didn’t want this track to mirror the Six One news and regurgitate how we’re all bollocksed.

Regarding the chosen title for the track, FYNCH decided to go for a positive one, and one which carries the tracks hopeful message:

“I wanted to see the glimmer of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s why it’s called ‘Soon’, there’s no time frame to normality’s return, so it’s an abstraction.

FYNCH reminisces the good times on 'Soon', there's hope we'll get back to a similar way of living as it were BC (before COVID):

I wanted to recall all of the things I’ve missed over the last year. The simplicity of cutting shapes on a dancefloor, like, you’re going to have to peel me off it when we’re allowed. With Willhouse’s production on the track, it made me feel like I was floating, hence the “Floating as I am/ Another day down is another race ran/ It’s all okay” chorus.

Finishing on a lighter tone, the Drimnagh rapper aims to inspire some positivity into people's lives rather than focusing on the challenges:

Right now, days are flowing into one another, and right now it feels like life is passing us by. Rather than double down on that, I wanted to strike a positive and hopeful chord. I firmly believe that everything will be okay. I’m not sure when, but I know it’s going to happen.”

Both ‘Soon’ and FYNCH’s previous single ‘Big Man’ will form part of an EP which will be released later in 2021 through Burner Records.

Check them out below:

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