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Fortúne Igiebor Teams up with Danzi to Let the World Know How Hungry They Are for Success

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Following the announcement of his 2nd headliner (set for 27th January 2023 in The Sound House, Dublin), Fortúne Igiebor released a brand new single. The track titled ‘NEYBURS’, released on Friday 11th November and features talented artist Danzi.

The pair discuss highs and lows they faced in the earlier stages of 2022 on this track. You can hear Igiebor chant “I’M FAMOUS NOT BORING” throughout the track which acts as a self inflicted reminder that reminder that regardless of the scenarios at hand, he is destined for bigger things.

We have seen the pair collaborate on previous projects but this track opens up a new era of Danzi. We are introduced to his rapping capabilities through his demanding voice which

instantly grasps the listeners attention. Danzi outlines his current state of mind as he finds focus in his life and a relentless hunger for success in which he shows no fear in leaving those necessary behind to achieve so.

“I want my music to rebel against the norm”

NEYBURS sits at 2mins 26sec in length but it is hugely impactful. Igiebor has always been dedicated to bringing the new rage to the scene and he continues to do so through this track. He has become established and respected through his differentiation both in his character and in his sound. His production on NEYBURS gives listeners a clear example of where he stands in the country’s hip-hop scene.

NEYBURS is out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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