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Fortúne Igiebor releases second music video off debut EP

17-year-old Fortúne Igiebor has had a big year. Following the success of three singles and the release of his debut EP (Disruption & Order), Fortúne aims to finish the year off with some fun videos. Heavily inspired by the sounds of Irish Drill, Igiebor puts his own twist on tracks with his uninterrupted flows, delivery and themes that are relatable to all listeners. Igiebor brings complex flows with lighthearted lyrics and clever metaphors. While he is only young, he has a good head on his shoulders with a clear outlook on life, making his lyrics relatable to both teenagers and adults. He has been an advocate for mental health and created a safe space for his peers to talk by conducting a weekly “show” on his Snapchat account. Many themes surrounding mental health and positive attitudes are displayed throughout his songs, which almost contradicts the typical “gangster” lifestyle that is associated with Irish Drill but it hits home just as hard.

Igiebor had the pleasure of featuring in 'Fig’s Colouring Book' series recently. Irish photographer Fig, is documenting the young creatives in Ireland who are from different ethnic backgrounds. During his day of shooting, which RTÉ News covered, Igiebor discussed the importance of the Colouring Book concept with the reporter and he performed a spoken word. He has recently been enlisted as an upcoming artist in Gavin Lowndes’ forthcoming picture book 'The Scene'.

The Top Dawgs music video premiers tonight at 8pm. The video, has stripped back everything to focus on simplicity and lyricism. It is set on a beach, but begins with a powerful image and personal voice message from fellow Irish rapper, Kaycii. Fortúne first met Kaycii at the Black Lives Matter protest over the summer and the two formed a unique bond straight away. When asked about the friendship, Fortúne had to say this:

“We were leading a chant among the crowd and my short breath got the best of me, he picked my head up and kept me going - we kept each other going. After that day, he was a role model to me always guiding me in a healthy direction. The morning of the EP release, I asked him to send a video promoting the project; he had more to say than anyone did. I owe him a lot; he’s done more for me than I can explain.”

Top Dawgs is a song that details a period of time in which Fortune was experiencing high emotions towards music. He wrote the song shortly after being introduced

to other artists in the scene. He witnessed a lot of them struggling to break through, which led to some confusion for Fortúne.

“I've always had so much love for my country, and it only doubled when I met other artists. Hearing their stories about struggling to break through brought me to tears. I had people ringing me asking for help as if I was where they wanted to be. I was sitting on this beat for a while, but after that call, I knew the direction I wanted to take this to".

Have a listen to Igiebor's debut EP, 'Disruption & Order' below.

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