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New music from Fortúne Igiebor: 'Nightfall'

Fortúne Igiebor begins his venture into Trap by reminiscing on 'Nightfall'

In the wake of a new mindset, style and perspective, Nightfall serves as a fresh start for Fortúne Igiebor.

Nightfall is a dark, emotional track that transitions Fortúne Igiebor into the genre of trap. Reigning from a Drill inspired

sound, Igiebor reflects on emotions and dreams. The venture into trap aligns with Igiebor maturing through his first year

college. This song reflects on his adolescence where he remembers the dark night sky excite him, meaning the most

enthusiastic and fearless version of Fortúne Igiebor appears at nighttime.

Following the success of three singles and the release of his debut EP (Disruption & Order) in 2020, 18-year-old Fortúne Igiebor has shown dedication and capability so far in 2021. Although still inspired by the sounds of Irish Drill, Igiebor has experimented with new sounds but has now settled on a Trap vibe. He will continue to put his own twist on tracks with uninterrupted flows, delivery and themes that are relatable to all listeners.

The cover art for Nightfall includes an image of Fortúne Igiebor and his sister playing in the snow in 2009.

In late 2020 Fortúne lgiebor linked up with newly established Irish producer Xcaliber with the thoughts of someday working together. The pair spent many studio sessions together creating demo after demo. With an instant understanding of each other’s sounds and sharing the same vision for the track, Nightfall was created. Common themes through the course of Nightfall revolve around; motivation, revolution, love, loss and fearlessness. The verse details Igiebor’s new mindset towards his life and actions by “switching off the pain” he is deciding to shun all bad energy from his life.

Fortúne Igiebor seeks for a better life in the hook of the song “I seen a pretty picture”.

When asked about the track producer, Xcaliber said

“The idea behind the beat was that it would suck you in and intrigue you. Where the dialogue samples create an atmosphere along with the alarming sirens sampled down and rising, the bridge has the same ominous feeling. I wanted the hook to have a heavy impact on the listener.”

Fortúne Igiebor on how he wants his fans to feel when listening to Nightfall:

“Nightfall is a song for people like me, who want to be the people they truly are in the prime moments of life. Fearlessly, and unapologetically.”

Listen to 'Nightfall' by Fortúne Igiebor below:

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