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Fortúne Igiebor, Danz and Kwangz Collaborate On Track 'Tough Love'

Fortúne Igiebor transitioned from his usual “Drill” inspired tracks to a more upbeat and “House” themed vibe. He teamed up with producer, Kwangz, and singer, Danz, to bring us a more listener friendly track, 'Tough Love'. This collaboration is the perfect mix of Igiebor’s unique flows, Danz’s melodic vocals and Kwangz's textured beat.

'Tough Love' released on Friday (5th February 2021). The track depicts the highs and lows of dating and falling in love in the 21st Century. When hinting at releasing this track, Igiebor asked his followers what they found challenging about dating or falling in love in the current climate, the same answers cropped up; people don’t want to settle for one person and social media is getting in the way.

These themes are painted in the listeners head through Fortúne Igiebor’s lighthearted and comedic storytelling. This is picked up by Danz with a call and response between the two. It is also echoed through his vocals and catchy chorus;

“So don’t you take my heart little baby, The way your body moves drives me crazy, And I’ve been needing love from you lately, I don’t wanna hurt anymore”.

Kwangz wanted to show off diversity and capability when creating the beat. He displays the full body of the track with multiple sounds and effects including; clever chords, removal and inclusion of layers and use of panning. The track is evenly balanced and split into complimentary sections.

The trio previously released a slow song in March 2020, 'Love is Real'. They have really showed their growth on 'Tough Love' and have set the standard for their collab EP “Love Letterz” which is yet to be announced...

Check out 'Tough Love' by Fortúne Igiebor, Kwangs and Danz Below

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