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Finn Enters The New Race With His First Track of The Year, ‘Integrity’

Finn returned from lockdown with a big entrance on Friday 30th April 2021. He dropped audio and visuals

for his new track ‘Integrity’. A track which was inspired by sounds from Joey Badass and A$AP Ferg.

Integrity’ feels like a train ride through the Bronx in the 80s/90s; it’s gritty, true and unapologetic. Life is tough, the world takes no prisoners but this song makes you feel strong enough to stand up. Finn had a quick rise in the Irish scene off the release of 4 singles. He went from not performing to playing Electric Picnic in a year and became a residential performer at ‘Sicko’, Dublin.

Finn’s sound is undefined but shares flavours of his life. He grew up in a Nigerian household, lived in London and grew up in Ireland. While growing up Finn mainly listened to 90s R&B and Afrobeat. Throughout his adolescence, he came across genres such as Rock n Roll, Pop, Hip Hop etc.

“I wrote this song after I asked myself one day, “What does it mean to sell your soul?”. There is obviously no physical deal or meeting in an office where you sign a contract attached to your soul. I saw people all the time ‘selling out’ and I was disgusted. I eventually realised that I was judging these people based on my standards and principles and they had never lived my life so was it really fair to call them sell outs. So what is a sell out?.”

This thought lead Finn down many curious paths but he eventually concluded that we create our own morals and principles based on how we are raised and the environment we grow up in.

“I can’t judge a man for breaking my moral codes when he has never lived by them, but a person who goes against his own word for a reward or a price... That’s a sell out. Ever since this, I’ve lived by that code and I wanted to pass that message on. Be true to yourself."

Listen to 'Integrity' by Finn below:

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