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Everything Trappiiee

Slight Motif introduces Trappiiee, Trapworld Records, Trapworld Models & Strive Events.

Trappiiee is a name you should familiarize yourself with going into 2021. An artist, businessman & record producer, Trappiiee is a multi-talented creative in the Irish music scene. He is a rapper himself and releases his own music (which we will touch on later), while also running three businesses: Trapworld Records, Trapworld Models & Strive Events.

Trapworld Records is an independent record label that has 10 artists currently signed and producers;

Trapworld Models is a modelling agency that provides models for various photoshoots, music videos, TV advertisements etc. This is a modelling company without limitations. Trapworld Models is managed by Michael Kusigbabe;

Strive Events is an entertainment events company that runs events showcasing artists signed onto Trapworld Records. Strive’s co-founder is Zuzana Vanucci.

Aside from that, Trappiiee mentioned that he designs all his own art, and he can mix and master. He is currently working on a documentary that will feature all of his business ventures, and what his team has been up to throughout 2020. Trappiiee’s team comprises videographers & photographers: Baby Girl Films, Roberto Prior, Jake Duggan; And an editor, Nine Oh Six.

As An Artist

Trappiiee has been releasing music since the beginning of 2020, with various singles such as ‘Ransom’ and ‘Do That Freestyle’, catching attention among trap fans. The rapper uses trap’s, signature auto-tune, against staccato beats that set off sweet flows. Trappiiee had been recording music for his debut EP ‘GoatMode’, but recently announced that he has halted the launch. Trappiiee instead plans on dropping an upcoming project ‘AFRO-TAPES’.

When we spoke to Trappiiee last week he gave us an insight into his emotional track ‘I’m Lost’, released at the beginning of the month. The artist wrote this song, to help him deal with the bereavement of his parents.

“I wrote it for myself, it’s very personal and raw.”

Written in just 15 minutes, the song is a lament to his loved ones. His powerful lyrics influenced a friend of Trappiiee’s, ‘Khanyi Writes’, (Khanyi Mathayi) on one of her poems.

The visuals for the track show Trappiiee at a graveyard.

“I wanted to portray my mind and how lost I felt ”

The touching visuals reflect the artist's isolated mind in search for answers, something that we can all relate to.

Trappiiee mentioned that his passion in music is within the creative process of writing and making songs. He doesn’t care much about the releasing and promotion side, and so especially for this track his focus wasn’t to gain views.

Trapworld Records

Trapworld records is a registered independent label established in 2020. The CEO is Trappiiee. The label has a range of talented and versatile artists which include: BBY K, BoogieK6, Eromii, N9ne, Jovanny Fabrice, Madzone, Saint, Dice & Trappiiee. It was formed to give Irish artists the opportunity to make music professionally and provide them with the tools to do so. Trapworld also signs on producers, the label currently works with Akvibes, Arieh, Dele, Markyy and Patrick. With them planning on hiring more.

Some of Trapworld Records artists' work

While interviewing Trappiiee, he was very clear about the fact that he wants his artists to have freedom within their craft.

“I want artists to feel free while making music and are immersed in the creative process”

Trapworld Records provides artists with a studio and also helps them make their own music videos. The label provides investment packages that are available to each signed artist with 75% already paid for by Trappiiee.

Trapworld Records also has an artist development strategy, a project where aspiring artists sign onto the label and are then trained by the team. During the project, Trappiiee works with the artist, helping them create a song and eventually showcases them at one of Strives events. This opportunity to gig, helps the artist gain exposure and a fanbase while also building experience performing. Strive is an entertainment events company, co-founded by Trappiiee & Zuzana Vanucci, that funds his record label.

Check out photos below of the work Trappiiee and his team have done this past year

As previously mentioned, Trappiie also runs Trapworld Models, a modelling company managed by Michael Kusigbabe. This company hires aspiring models and provides them with work and opportunities to be featured in music videos, photoshoots, car shows, TV ads etc.

Here are just some of Trapworld's modelling team:

Trapworld Models

Models: Bruna, Naomi, Onemena & Ana

Trappiiee started this business and his many others, with the same focused goal. He wanted to build a trusted working community of people within the creative industry. Trappiiee now has a full circle of contacts working with him in Ireland, all of whom can collaborate and work alongside each other. This is something that is scarce within the Irish urban scene.

“We need to come together and work with each other here in Ireland, I’d like to see more Irish creatives collaborating in the future”.

Keep up to date on all of Trappiiee and his teams movements by following him on his socials below:

TrappiieeOfficial Instagram

Trapworld Records

Trapworld Models

Strive Events

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