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Enter Stage; Black Diamond and Azz, The two exciting new sponsors of Irish owned business H-Appeal.

When we speak on brand spanking new Irish clothing wear, A scene that has been flourishing for the past couple years, We can’t exclude H-Appeal from the discussion. 

Launching back in 2019, H-Appeal have been able to build their platform with quality gym and fitness gear for all genders. Fast forward to early September; after a few campaigns, releases and giveaways, The fitness brand has been able to sponsor two exciting fighters; Black Diamond and Azz.

In the red corner; Kenny “Black Diamond” Mokhonoana is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, currently ranked number one amateur lightweight in UK/Ireland and is looking to make his pro debut  next time he is in the cage. He has been training with C-MAC Mulhuddart MMA in Blanchardstown Dublin/Ireland for 8 years. Deano Wade, Kennys Coach gave him the name “Black Diamond” from the saying “Pressure makes Diamonds”.Since making his first amateur debut back in 2015. Kenny has had 18 Amateur fights, 4 titles and number 1 in amateur lightweight. “I am looking to make my pro debut the next time I step in the cage and looking forward to taking H-Appeal into the cage with me once again”

In the blue corner; we have Aaron “Azz” Reilly. 25 year old purple belt holder in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Beyond Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Aaron is Para Jiu-jitsu world pro champion 2019 and Para Jiu-Jitsu AJP tour grand slam Rio de Janeiro champion 2019. The Irish sun covers the remarkable journey from having a stroke back in July 2018 to never giving up and still following his dream, full article here:

Azz also like Black Diamond will be stepping into the ring next time with the force that is H-Appeal. Find out more and stay in touch with H-Appeal on their interactive website:

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