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Dubzeno and Smilez come together on smooth new single 'Fake Love'

'Fake Love' was released (both audio and visuals) on Valentine’s Day 2021. This track is stripped back for both artists but especially for Tallaght star, Smilez where we see a different side to him. Smilez opens up on 'Fake Love', telling us the importance of expressing how you really feel. He has gained a lot of “clout”/attention over the course of his music career which has led him to feel that girls aren’t genuine around him or don’t care for him, they are only there for enjoyment or to “show off”. Finglas Honcho, Dubzeno, echoes the importance of awareness and knowing how to limit trust through his metaphoric filled verse. Dubzeno says:

“From my experiences on the street and spending time in prison, I’ve seen every shade of a man. One minute they love you, the next minute when your back is turned they hate you. Just love your mam and your partner.”

Within the first 30 seconds of this track, Smilez apologizes to his mother, when asked about this he says:

“I shout oud my mother on the track because I’ve previously put her through so much. No material things can repay her for this but I’m showing her I’m changing and speaking through the music”

The visuals for this track supports the theme of reflection, we see Smilez in a spotlight giving much thought to recent events and insecurities while we also see Dubzeno on his own while delivering his verse.

You can stream the single below:

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