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Drimnagh Rapper FYNCH Returns With Gaptoof-Produced Track 'Canal Straddle'

'Canal Straddle' marks the return of Drimnagh wordsmith Fynch, with the rapper enlisting the help of Gaptoof, one of Ireland's finest hip-hop producers.

2021 has seen Fynch release one track of his own, with 'Soon' being a collaboration with Poxy Records co-founder Willhouse. The year has also seen Fynch feature on tracks by the aforementioned Willhouse and Burner Records co-founder Local Boy, as well as on the title track of 49th & Main's debut EP Good Luck.

'Canal Straddle' is a lo-fi, lyrical journey, with Fynch using the geography of Dublin to showcase the relationship between himself, his art and his hometown.

"I suppose with COVID, you get a lot of time to reflect on yourself, you weren't really doing much else. I was thinking about my music and the strange two-pronged relationship I have with it. One minute, I think I'm the greatest wordsmith known to man and the next I'm reminding myself to not quit my day job.

"Ultimately, that's what 'Canal Straddle' is, for me. This brash introduction that I'm an 'underdog, still Goliath in the ends, a Leviathan' encapsulates how I routinely view myself.

"With 'Soon', I was looking forward to the days after COVID, the dancing we'll do and the gigs we'll go to. Now, a few months down the line with the end supposedly in sight, I'm kind of telling myself not to get excited because you won't be playing those gigs, you won't be on those stages, get yourself a ticket, pal.

'Canal Straddle' out now on all streaming platforms!

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