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Dive into F3miii's Mindful Universe with 'FROM YOUR EYES'

Hot on the heels of his 2022 hit "in my head," Irish singer and producer, F3miii, returns with an exciting new track, ‘FROM YOUR EYES’. Rich with introspection and produced on a lively summer beat, this song is primed to become a standout track in any playlist.

Produced and mixed by F3miii himself, ‘FROM YOUR EYES’ offers a sneak peek into his creative process. The song explores the idea of sonder, the realisation that every individual leads their own unique and complex life independently of everyone else. With his potent lyrics and emotive vocals, F3miii brings this concept to life, fostering a powerful connection with his listeners.

Already resonating with thousands, ‘FROM YOUR EYES’ has gained over 50k views and counting on TikTok and instagram where F3miii has been actively promoting the single. The track speaks directly to its audience, inspiring empathy, shared experiences, and personal growth.

‘FROM YOUR EYES’ out now on all digital platforms

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