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(D24) Smilez links up with Lay Low to share visuals for BANDO

Introducing (D24) Smilez, hailing from the borough of Tallagh, the 18-year-old “trap baby” with a strict no rap cap policy. With a debut album ‘Eager’ under his belt which arrived in late August, Smilez steps back to the scene to share visuals for lead single BANDO featuring Lay Low. The sensational trap banger showcases the pair's talent as we see them go back to back and bar for bar over US-style trap beat.

BANDO is about the challenges of maintaining the perfect balance between relationships and the hustle. Lay low touches on his trauma and how the effectiveness of the Bando (An abandoned building where illegal narcotics (drugs) are sold. Also known as a trap house). He suggests that he will retire from this lifestyle whilst Smilez preaches about how this lifestyle can have an effect on relationships in life. It’s an easy listen track that’s relatable to every young individual living the trap life. Smiles commented “we wanted to create something you could vibe to. I wanted to keep a polished street look and not shy away from the harsh realities of the street life.”

Bando is out now on all streaming platforms

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