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Drogheda/A92 has been making alot of noise for a minute now and they don’t plan on stopping. If we are talking urban,hip hop,afro-swing,drill, Drogheda seems to be home for young upcoming hungry artists of all the above genres. A brand new voice has just been introduced to us, also residing from, you guessed it; Drogheda, with his first track and plans for the future.

Rodney Omosigho, also known by Zro6ix releases his first debut single, COOK IT and already comes with a remix a couple weeks after the original. The Drogheda born and raised artist has been working to master and perfect his craft under the space of a year. 

COOK IT, produced by Slippery Haze, would be the first work of many to come, that Zro6ix would be ready to put out. The track is 1 min 35 secs long with good marketable quality, bumps in the whip and leaves space for more, both from the artist and from the track. If you want more from the track, Check the remix out featuring TJ Maestro from Roscommon, as for more from Zro6ix, he will be on a few features from other artists that will be planned to be released over the remaining of the year. We will be anticipating more in the future. For now, COOK IT by Zro6ix, OUT NOW

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