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Check Out Dublin Producer Johnny Welfare's New Single 'Paradise'

Johnny Welfare dropped his newest single 'Paradise’ on 5th February 2021. Although sticking to a slower tempo, this track shows us a new side to the Dublin producer. We see Welfare experiment with a more synth heavy sound to create a hypnotic vibe.

Dublin based, Johnny Welfare is key producer for rap collective, Róg Poets, and founder of label, Róg

Records. He has worked with many Irish artists but released his first solo body of work on Spotify in 2020. This

project, ‘New Claim, Pt. 1’, shows us much of Welfare’s style, from boom bap beats to slow jazz decorations

with added surprise instruments.

Johnny Welfare describes the track as:

“It’s about just wanting something you can’t have. It depicts the loneliness and longing for something”

The subject of longing is implemented through the incorporation of vocals, “One more day in Paradise”.

Although these vocals are not used throughout the track, their melody is echoed throughout on different instruments, leaving the theme subconsciously in the listeners head.

Check out 'Paradise' by Johnny Welfare below

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