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Catch low-slung hip hop beats on Jack Bashful's new album 'Only Fools Die'

Belfast rapper Jack Bashful is something of a hip-hop purist. Blending the in-your-face energy of Pro Era Records with the wordplay of Doom and self-assertiveness of Mick Jenkins - he’s the North’s answer to the explosion of high-quality hip hop that is now being produced South of the border.

Re-imagining transatlantic rhythms through an Irish lens, Jack has been quietly perfecting his craft for the last three years; fine-tuning world building lyricism and production that can float anywhere between the soulful funk samples of yesteryear, to future-facing, cold instrumentals of contemporary UK rap.

Bashful released 'Only Fools Die' today, March 19th, across all platforms. With jazzy undertones, and chill low-slung beats, the 12-track album is a must listen. Bashful's sweet-toned Northern accent comes through on the 5th track 'Safe In Obscurity', and notably with the funky Jay Suttin collab 'Autumn Rhythm'. Bashful teamed up with Leo Miyagee on 'Mean Streets', the first single to drop from the album last month.

[‘Mean Streets’ from Jack Bashful’s new album "Only Fools Die" released February 26th.]

The first single released off the album, 'Mean Streets', features 2nd on 'Only Fools Die'. The track arrives in the form of a collaboration with Irish hip-hop heavyweight Leo Miyagee. The mutual energy felt between the frequent collaborators is evident from the get-go; Jack’s 70’s sleaze production providing the perfect score for him to accept allegations of murdering the beat whilst turning a blind eye to fake beef.

Check out 'Mean Streets' by Jack Bashful ft Leo Miyagee below:

Leo further establishes his reputation as one of the most exciting artists on the island as he “breathes new life” into the track; switching flows and moods with ease whilst referencing Zuckerberg’s digital age and highlighting the bond between the two artists.

Overall, the album is sensational. Bashful fills each track with smooth transitions and strong instrumentals, such as in 'An Ode To Fat Larry', where lively, jazzy beats and brass instruments are carried with the rappers Northern flow. The final track 'The Sweetest Thing' ends it off with cool and calming backing melodies, and features a mixed sample of the Sweetest Thing by the O'Jays.

Check out 'Only Fools Die' by Belfast's Jack Bashful below:

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