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Caleb & Walshy team up with Ari Imann on 'Snowflakes' dropping December 11th

London/Dublin duo Caleb & Walshy, recognized for their conscious rhymes over boom bap and soul/jazz influenced beats have yet again dropped another remote collaboration. This time a bit closer to home. Having previously released music under Ari Noir, Ari Imann has come up through the Dublin underground scene creating a real name for himself merging alternative rap with a heavy influence of RnB. The trio create an engaging and expansive song which pushes each artist into unchartered territory.

Snowflakes is a nostalgic journey defined by Walshy’s eerily, dissonant composition, creating winter colours and flair with a touch of melancholy provided through the conscious lyrics and smooth flow of Caleb & Ari. The single releases on the 11th Decemeber 2020.

The trio successfully encapsulate the melancholic feelings of isolation that would be particularly evident this winter for many people due to the pandemic. Although the trio may be from musically different backgrounds, 'Snowflakes' shows how well they jell together and highlights their broad musicality as they tap into each another’s’ energy.

This wistful dreamscape takes us through a cool London/West Coast hip-hop vibe as we hear the deep kick and bass rhythmically dance with the eeriness of the distant flute drifting in and out, like the frosty air of the winter season. Ari’s signature vocal harmonies burst through in the chorus while Caleb’s free-flowing hook flawlessly matches the scene as a subtle selection of jazz guitar licks glisten over the instrumentation. The song teems with energy and vibrance, styled by a stunning conversation between the glistening jazz guitar of Belgian guitarist, Wannes De Neve. The dissonant saxophone composed very intricately, the flute, the vocal sample and the light, water droplet sounding keys throughout the song.

Atmospheric and immersive, 'Snowflakes' exhibits the collaborative force of the contemporary Dublin music scene. It’s emotive and contemplative approach is enchanting, and it shows how Caleb, Walshy and Ari Imann, who come from different musical settings, are able to bring out the best of each other. Spanning styles and sounds, all musicians stretch each other in different ways to create an impressive and profound work for the cold winter ahead.

While waiting for the track to drop why not check out some of their work below:

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