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BUKKY brings us lo-fi and chill on new single 'PREMEDITATED.mURDER'

Artist To Watch: BUKKY

BUKKY is a Nigerian/Irish producer and songwriter based in London, previously from Cork. She has just dropped her recent single 'PREMEDITATED.mURDER'.

Her music blends the unfamiliar with the familiar, combining celestial digital soundscapes with raw instruments. Although she doesn’t like to put her music in a box, for the sake of a general idea, she makes alternative r&b/psychedelic lofi types of music. Her major influences are Frank Ocean, Kate Bush, Erykah Badu, Tame Impala and Blood Orange, just to name a few.

She is highly anticipated in the UK and Irish music scene having been given the opportunity to work at Churches Studio London in their collaboration with Nike and Recraft studio. She then went on to open for Joy Crookes at Size? Carnaby Street London at the start of 2020. BUKKY is constantly breaking the boundaries with her distinctive sound. She isn't afraid of experimentation and embraces the avant-garde.

BUKKY is creating timeless and culture shifting music. Her newest single PREMEDITATED.mURDER was written from a dark angle but once you listen to the song further, you begin to understand that it is in fact about rebirth.

“I had to completely die from any form of me that I had been”

The collaboration of a mellow melodic flow with chill lo-fi beats make it literal music to your ears. BUKKY's lyrics glide through her melancholic tone establishing her rebirth and awakening. You can check out the single below:

Also, if you like what you hear here are some of BUKKY's past tunes:

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