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Breakthrough artists MARCO x KELVO Go ‘LOCO’ in new collab

When it comes to evaluating Ireland’s best new rap talents of 2022, Marco x Kelvo will be in the final reckoning. Having turned plenty of heads with “Case Closed” and “Attention”, before taking a hiatus to recharge over the covid period. The West Coast rappers, hailing from Galway make their return with ‘Loco’ a jumpy and infectious riddim, perfectly setting the scene for an action-packed summer.

Produced by Lukefly, the upbeat instrumental opens up the floor for Marco x Kelvo as they take turns detailing an encounter that’s driving them ‘Loco’. Using pop culture references, playful bars, and clever wordplay, the duo unfold their lady troubles but despite their better judgment, some things (or people should I say) are too convenient to resist. Delivered in their unique cadences, Marco and Kelvo play with different tones and textures to craft a varied offering that showcases their individual strengths.

Speaking on the creative process, Marco shared “The song was actually written in 2019 with plans for a release that year. Due to some setbacks, that wasn’t possible but it turned out to be for the best as in 2021 they revisited the track and listened to it with fresh ears. This led to the decision to go with a new instrumental and recruit the services of Irish producer, Luke Fly. The song was recorded in Jungle Beam in Dublin.” After stepping out of their comfort zones to connect the dots nationally between Galway & Dublin, Marco and Kelvo took it international. Quickly racing to Morocco to shoot high-energy visuals in Royal Golf Course, Marrakech to encapsulate the Galway rapper's clean-cut charm.

Raised in Galway, Marco x Kelvo first got a taste for recording in the studio at NUI Galway. This is where they wrote some of their earliest releases. Although their love of music started as kids, it only grew stronger as they dived deep into other genres other than Gospel, RnB, Rock and Rap. As the pair delved deeper into more genres their taste palettes of sonic soundscape simultaneously advanced as did their appreciation of the art form. After taking the last year and a half out to hone their craft they’re ready to show the Irish scene what they’ve been missing.

Keep up with MARCO X KELVO via Twitter – @Marco_oti

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