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Asha Ari Celebrates her Journey in First Headline Show at Whelan’s

Asha Ari is gearing up to captivate audiences with her first-ever headline show, 'The Asha Ari Affair', at Whelan’s on the 17th of December, 2023. This special event promises an uplifting evening of honesty, joy, and empowerment, featuring an all-female lineup curated to celebrate Asha Ari's growth over the past several years. 'The Asha Ari Affair' will also feature an exclusive performance of her new song 'Proud'.

The event, conceived as an intimate gathering, aims to honor Asha Ari's day-one supporters and fans who have been an integral part of her artistic journey. The show is a testament to Asha's evolution as an artist, showcasing her vocal prowess and heartfelt lyricism through a dazzling performance of her original songs. 

The ‘Asha Ari Affair’ is a celebration of my identity, my artistry, and my roots. With this show, I want to invite people to get to know my story and I want to connect with my supporters on a deeper level. People will have the opportunity to hear my songs like never before and I will also perform an unreleased song called ‘Proud’, which is centered around the theme of the show, making your inner child proud and loving you first before looking for external validation.”

Asha Ari, who was named as Hot For 2023 this year by Hotpress, is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. She is half Ghanaian, half Irish, and grew up in Blanchardstown. She has been actively performing in the Dublin music scene since her teens, and has released many singles and an EP entitled ‘Freedom’ that enabled her to perform her original song also called Freedom with The National Symphony Orchestra and to perform on the Late Late show with Eleanor Mc Evoy, Mary black and Pauline Scanlon. Asha’s music combines elements of Pop, Soul, and R&B to create uniquely catchy and relatable songs. Her songwriting inspirations stem from growing up bi-racial, self-love, believing in yourself, spreading positivity and being true to oneself.

Asha Ari's headline show promises to be a night to remember, with each female artist on the lineup contributing to the electric atmosphere. From the infectious beats of local DJ’s to the soulful melodies of Becky McNeice, the powerful performances of ShmoneyDoll, and the captivating voice of Alicia Raye, the night is set to be a celebration of female talent, diversity, and empowerment.

Tickets for Asha Ari's headline show are available now and can be purchased through Whelan’s website.

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