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ARI.NOIR Returns with an Honest Debut EP, Eve

Multidimensional Irish-Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer, and producer ARI.NOIR is excited to spring into action with his first release of 2020 and debut EP, Eve (20th March), exactly one year on from his initial release.

If I had to sum up 'EVE', I'd say it's me retrospectively describing the first 20 or so years of my life, then realising I wasn't talking about myself at all, but rather describing sensations that might be familiar to anybody whose upbringing was in any way similar to mine. I guess it's my attempt at connecting with people through my music, because I'm fucking terrible at doing it in any other way. The songs in the EP mostly come from a dark place, so the end product is meant to be cathartic, for me and for whoever's listening. it doesn't always work but it's better than doing nothing at all”.

Ari draws in his listeners with a false sense of security created by his soothing tone only to be shaken and reborn in his transcendent storytelling and hypnotic melodies. Inspired by a wide range of musical talent, from Mick Jenkins to Michael Jackson and Frank Ocean to Frank Sinatra. ARI.NOIR is extremely comfortable on stage both singing and rapping. This is evident through his many performances at Dublin hotspots including; Lost Lane, Whelans, The Button Factory, The Workman’s and The Grand Social both as a support act and headliner.

“the EP deals with duality; the positive/light and negative/dark aspects of me as an artist and other people. It metaphorically and lyrically touches on the loss of innocence (the eating of the forbidden fruit), and it also deals with my mental health as a black man. I often use 'vices' as escapism from the world, because a lot of the time, it feels like my experiences, desires, pain, and joy don't hold much value. It deals with absolution, salvation and absolution, faith, religion, love, loss, and loneliness, but I hate communicating literally with lyrics so it’s all up for interpretation, my meaning isn’t THE meaning”.

With contributions from Irish rising star Jyellowl and renowned producers such as Aifo Beats, Kid Spyral and Simba Bianchi, the 3 track EP showcases Ari’s talents through the lyrical content and composition. Listen below

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