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Alicia Raye releases brand new single ‘GO ALI GO’

One of the rising stars in the Irish music scene Alicia Raye, also known as “Alicia Taqueilla”, has just dropped her new single 'Go Ali Go'. The single follows the release of her debut collaborative mixtape in 2020 and single "Nobody 2.0" earlier this year.

‘Go Ali Go’ was written by Alicia and produced by Belfast hip-hop producer Eulogy Beats in 2018. The song begins with a smooth chant of Alicia cheering herself on “Go Ali, Go Ali, Go Ali Go”. The themes of these songs are self-motivation and confidence. In an industry like music, where competition is rampant especially amongst women, Alicia didn’t want to be consumed by the pressure of comparison and unhealthy competition. Instead Alicia vowed she would only compete with the person she was yesterday; herself. The video clearly shows Alicia's two egos ; Raye and Taqueilla at a boxing match,

both competing to win.

"Alicia aims to empower women to be strong, sexy and confident in their skin."

The track was released on Friday with the music video premiering on Alicia Raye's VEVO youtube channel.

Originally from Cameroon, Alicia Raye began residing in Ireland in 2006. Alicia Raye’s love of music grew from an interest in English literature and rap. As she grew, Alicia’s love of rap transitioned to softer melodies and grooves. This artistic growth is what gave rise to her career as a musician. Alicia Raye began working with Irish label Trust It Entertainment early 2020 and has since consistently released highly anticipated singles and collaborations. Working with the likes of Prod Solo, Smilez, Reggie B and Celaviedmai she has positioned her as the future of the Urban sound in Ireland and we look forward to seeing what she releases next!

'Go Ali Go' is out now on all streaming platforms!

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