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Alicia Raye and Becky McNeice release Joint EP ‘Love Letters’

Irish music stars Alicia Raye and Becky McNeice have just dropped their highly-anticipated joint EP titled “Love Letters”, is to be released on the 13th of December.

The four-song project is an intimate musical journey set to enrapture hearts and minds, delivering an immersive exploration of romance and intimacy through the lens of two remarkable artists.

Leading the artistic vision of “Love Letters” is Becky McNeice, an exceptionally gifted queer singer-songwriter and producer. In collaboration with the renowned music producer Eulogy Beats, Becky has crafted a unique sonic experience that transcends genres.  Through their soul-stirring lyrics, Alicia Raye and Becky McNeice effortlessly convey a sense of accountability, vulnerability, and the nuanced intricacies of mental health.

“Love Letters” delivers four melodious and catchy masterpieces that delve into the universes of straight and queer relationship dynamics. From the hauntingly evocative notes of "Faucet" to the heartwarming sincerity of "Love Letters," the EP encapsulates the stages of heartbreak and growth with unparalleled grace. These melodies seamlessly guide listeners through emotions - from shame and resentment to clarity and inner peace. The buoyant tracks "Far Away" and "Uno Momento" illustrate the ecstasy and naivety inherent in love, transporting listeners to moments in their own lives where love's euphoria reigned supreme.

“ ‘Love Letters’ is our ode to the human experience of love, and is a connection between our emotions and our artistry. We were able to join different realities and perspectives of love and transform them into a collaborative musical masterpiece. Creating this EP was a therapeutic and healing process for us, so we believe that all the true emotions poured into our music will give listeners a genuine and relatable experience” - Alicia Raye and Becky McNeice 

Becky McNeice & Alicia Raye

Born Alice Esambe, Alicia Raye is an Afro-Irish singer-songwriter, and rapper also known as “Alicia Taqueilla”. With unapologetic lyrics and a hybrid of trap-soul and jazz infused vocals, Alicia is a rising sensation.Alicia Raye began working with Irish label Trust It Entertainment early 2020 and has since consistently released highly anticipated singles and collaborations that have positioned her as the future of the Urban sound in Ireland.

Existing within the cross-section between alternative pop and mainstream sensibility, Becky McNeice represents the new wave of Ireland. Distinctive, heartfelt and with an ear for glitter-littered lyricism, she is uniting the worlds of Pink Pantheress/Biig Piig-styled  breakbeat-pop with her own characteristic, hyper-pop friendly addictiveness, ear marking her as one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Ireland in recent years. 

Listeners are invited to be swept away by the enchanting harmonies, musical versatility, and evocative storytelling that Alicia Raye and Becky McNeice offer in 'Love Letters', as it reminds us all of the power and universality of love.

Love Letters” is available right now on all major streaming platforms!

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