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New Music 2020

New music and artists we've been listening to and excited to hear more from this year.

2020 brings new beginnings for ourselves as well as new, old and familiar faces in the scene. We are here for it all. Today we give a quick wrap up on all new music that has gotten our attention. We have some new tracks from artists we have worked with, artists we have even come across or had conversations with and newer, fresher names.

Be sure to follow our SlimoWeekly playlist to stay up to date with new music that the island has to offer. Listen below.

To start off, pioneers to the Irish scene, Haresquead start off this year with a single, an EP to come and a European tour. After a certain politician records an unsolicited video with band members; Screwface Jack and Lilo Blues, posts on twitter and addresses them as “Minor Gangsters”, the boys decide to vent off their resentment by doing what they do best; releasing dope music. “Minor Gangsters (Gully) is out now ahead of their Minor Gangsters Tour. Listen below.

Issue 6's Jyellowl has been busy. The Dublin rapper has been on a very nice slope from last year and even entering this one. This year we find Jyellowl on a serious bop titled “No Rivals”. The song addresses naysayers and nosey individuals that arise with being as active as he is. The song features Marc Irv who will be touring with Jyellowl later this month. Listen to No Rivals here;

One of the new faces and sounds we’ve been excited to hear more from, Tomike releases “Need To Go” last Friday. The boppy eclectic sound cleverly contradicts the lyrics and direction which addresses the frustrations of an African Irish creative in their 20s. We can’t wait to hear more from Tomike but in the mean time, “Need To Go” by Tomike, out now;

Last Issue, we caught up with Demigosh of blackfish collectives. We were introduced to his exciting approach in music with his enchanting track “Technicolour Flowers”. This year, Demigosh starts us off with IRE. The ambiguity in just the name leaves for various interpretations. It could possibly interpolate Ireland and at the same time, could be an ode to his mother tongue. Ire, in Yoruba both means “you” or “goodness” depending on the way it is pronounced. The whole tribal vibe around the song confirms this analogy. This one is even more enchanting than the last and it only makes us want more from Demigosh. Listen below.

One of the Rejektz City members and a very familiar face; Jeorge II released Andale a few weeks ago. From track to track, Jeorge continues to solidify himself has one of the most technically skilled rappers in the city and we love to see it. Andale, as very common to Jeorge's style, is stripped from any melodies, autotune or outlandish production that would be prominent in majority of music today but focuses on straight to the point bars, delivery, lyrics and audacity. We are excited to hear more from him. Listen to Andale here

Alongside a brilliant roll out with two video sketches, Backpack Blu, SoulSosa and UD release “Symon Sais” A very comfortable soothing listen with an interesting concept that can result in all sorts of answers; “What would you do for the cheque?”. The hook is performed by Backpack Blu with a nonchalant and at the same time boppy engaging vibe; as if the song concept was posed as a question to the listener. The two verses from UD and SoulSosa explore the concept in their own individual way. The boys are members or affiliated with the young and energetic collective FaR, who have promised to take over this year. We can’t wait to see what more these artists have in store for us.

Another pioneer to the scene and founder of New Eire TV, Sequence releases an EP after a long break “Misunderstood”, with single “Pimpin” featuring Jug Jug. The whole vibe of the album is themed around the artists headspace and experiences through his break from music packed with an incentive to prove naysayers wrong in the future. More on the album will be reviewed later. Listen below;

Lastly, a very familiar name and founder of Rejektz City, Eeddaayy, releases “Cat Food(Let Me Know) ahead of his new Ep promised to be released later in the year. Eeddaayy introduces a very unique,natural and nonchalant vibe through a very dreamy instrumental. The Dublin based vocalist has introduced his versatility and style in just three songs now and a few snippets from the EP. We will be on the look out for more. For now listen to Cat Food

That’s it for today, Stay posted on our socials for more on music, events, videos, trending topics and exclusive content. Issue 8 out soon.

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