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#243 KY & EMZ Join forces to deliver a nostalgic anthem 'Melody'

Hailing from Co.Galways in the West of Ireland, rising rapper KY and vocalist EMZ joined forces to create duo '243'. The name of the group originated from the country code of Democratic Republic of Congo where both members were born and raised before migrating to Ireland as pre-teens. Their sound is a representation of their culturally enriched upbringing reflecting their time in Ireland and DRC. Blending a mixture of realities of their upbringing, grief and relationships and successes, 243’s music is often described as raw, authentic and versatile. Often showcasing trilingualism as they experiment with Trap, Drill, Afroswing and RnB. Today they kick the season of love and introducing us to a new take of ‘Relay’ by Iyaz, Is Galway duo 243 unveiling their newest track “Melody”. Taking an unconventional twist to the playbook of pop KY and Emz showcase their trilingualism effortlessly weaving between English, French and their mother tongue Lingala. Enchanting and delighting us with slick bars and a sensual tone before landing at the smooth sailing chorus on pop production laced with a subtle bassline and warming touches, the rapper rides the beat with ease. Taking inspiration from artists like Drake, Bryson Tiller, Bppba, La Fouine and Niska to create and encapsulate the mood of the track.

The duo expressed “The story behind this track is based on the concept of love. As much as everyone wants companionship, it all comes down to vetting who is the right person for you and who is

using you for what you have to give” On the creative process for KY shared “I came across this beat on YouTube and passed it onto Emz, he messed with it so we decided to make a track out of it. I’m still shocked at the outcome, I’m still shocked at the outcome, I’m not gonna lie”. Emz added “KY and I usually write songs outside or in new environments. It is so much more genuine when ideas for a new track are coming from a clear space of mind. We then sat down and listen to a beat we both vibe to and he magic just goes from there”

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